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In 2014 the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation Fundraising Committee was founded by a group of Bond County, Illinois citizens. The group was originally made up of several teams fundraising throughout the year. While fundraising teams are still active, more emphasis has been placed on generating funds as a committee. As a result, individuals who would like to volunteer their time but are unable to assemble a team are welcome to participate.

The LRCF Fundraising Committee closes each year of fundraising with a Dinner for Survivors and a Celebration of Life Event.

If you would be interested in helping fundraise or having a team for this great cause please contact us by phone, fax, postal mail, or on Facebook and a member of the Fundraising Committee will contact you.

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The LRCF donates 10% of each fundraising year towards research. In 2022, that amount was $4,000 and is being donated to Hope4ATRT to help fund cancer research.


Luminary Order Form - alternate RTF filetype.

Luminaries will be present at the LRCF Celebration of Life Festival and will be acknowledged as part of the event’s closing ceremony. These bags will be lit in honor of loved ones and friends who have had cancer.

With your $5.00 donation per luminary, the name(s) of the individual(s) you supply on your completed form will appear on the luminary. Luminary forms are also available at Greenville, Illinois banks.

Luminaries 2015 Event

Would you like to find a way to honor caregivers as well? A doctor, nurse, family member, or friend who went above and beyond the call? We can add the phrase “For wonderful care” to any luminary bag.

Luminaries through chain link photo courtesy The Greenville Advocate  Copyright2015.

“Someday we won’t have to worry about cancer. Someday we will live in a cancer-free world. Until that time, the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation and all who support it will be here for the families.... We will not stop until there is no one who needs our support.... The ones we remember will always light our path.... These luminary bags help us remember each story.” - Jane Wilhite, 2016 Celebration of Life Festival.

Make a Straightforward Donation

You can choose to make a one-time or recurring financial donation to the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation. Please make CHECKS payable to Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation (or LRCF) with a note in the MEMO line to “FUNDRAISING” and mail to:
  Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation
  PO Box 496
  Greenville, IL   62246

And we encourage you to think of LRCF when it comes to memorial donations!

Funds raised throughout the year stay local, providing financial assistance to Bond County cancer patients and those who receive treatment in Bond County, Illinois.

LRCF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your donations of any amount are tax deductible and will be greatly appreciated! A letter of acknowledgement of donation will be sent to all contributors.

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You may make an easy and secure online donation to the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation by PayPal. Donors without a PayPal account can still donate – either by creating an account or paying by credit card on the PayPal website. Simply click the DONATE button below! PayPal does charge us a nominal fee for their services. For larger donations a check would be preferable.

Share our PayPal donation link!
Use https://www.PayPal.me/lemuelrhodes in Social Media, Email, Texts, Letters, Cards, Anywhere!

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