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Fundraising Goal for 2020:

LRCF raised $48,328 in 2019 to help local Bond County folks (our family, friends, and neighbors) who are battling cancer. Join us in the fight!

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Featured News

In 2019, we’ve reached and surpassed our financial fundraising goal!!!! The yearly total of $48,328 includes over $18,000 raised in the WGEL Celebrity Pie Auction this past week and $5,328.18 that was raised at the Celebration of Life event Saturday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! [posted Wednesday, October 2, 2019]

“WOW! We are blown away! Fundraising efforts for all kinds of great organizations have been put on hold during this time. Thank you for your contributions that will help people directly in our community! Bill, keep stretching and find that perfect bow”
— Greenville Comets Cheerleading

Event Poster Donate to The Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation through Cheer for a Cause
and see Bill Walker become a Comet cheerleader!!
405 S 5th Str Greenville, IL 62246

Team Games at Celebration of Life Event

LRCF Fundraising Committee

  In 2014 the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation Fundraising Committee was founded by a group of Bond County, Illinois citizens. The group was originally made up of several teams fundraising throughout the year.
  While fundraising teams are still active, more emphasis has been placed on generating funds as a committee. As a result, individuals who would like to volunteer their time but are unable to assemble a team are welcome to participate.

The LRCF donates 10% of each fundraising year towards research. In 2018, that amount was $6,500 and is being donated to Siteman Cancer Center in St Louis, earmarked for brain tumor research in honor of Taylor Marti.

Luminaries at 2014 Celebration of Life Event

LRCF Survivors Dinner &
Celebration of Life Festival

 The LRCF Fundraising Committee closes each year of fundraising with a Dinner for Survivors and a Celebration of Life Event.
 Called a “Hope Celebration,” LRCF hosts a dinner and program in honor of Bond County cancer survivors and their caregivers.
 The Celebration of Life Festival offers food, games, music, bounce houses, face painting, a bake walk, a photo booth, and entertainment in a family atmosphere. This year’s theme is “Hope Lives Here”. The evening concludes with a luminary ceremony.

2019’s Celebration of Life Festival is Saturday, September 28 @ American Farm Heritage Museum’s main building in Greenville, Illinois.

2019’s Survivor Dinner is Tuesday, October 1 @ St Lawrence Catholic Church hall in Greenville, Illinois.

Donation Cards at Kahunas Burgers and More

About LRCF

  Named for a long-time resident who lost his life to cancer in 2002, the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation, through a confidential application process, provides financial assistance with items not covered by insurance including some medical bills, specially fitted garments, lodging, and travel for treatment.
  Funds raised throughout the year stay local, helping Bond County cancer patients and those who receive treatment in Bond County, Illinois.
  The not-for-profit organization foundation was initially funded through proceeds from Rhodes’ trust.

About the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation

“It is my expressed intent hereby to provide a form of supplemental relief for those already saddled with the heartache of cancer, and to provide some benevolence and relief to those who are so situated.” - Lemuel Rhodes 1919-2002

The Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation is a community effort to support our neighbors who are battling cancer. Lemuel Rhodes, a long time Bond County resident, lost his brother to cancer and his own life to the disease in 2002. In his will, Lem provided from proceeds from part of his trust to be used to help Bond County residents, suffering from cancer, and to offer resources as they sought treatment. Through a confidential application process, individuals may apply for assistance to help with items, medical bills, not covered by insurance, assistance with lodging and travel and treatment, specially fitted garments, and other necessary items.

In 2014, the Lemuel Rhodes Cancer Foundation (LRCF) fundraising committee was founded by a group of Bond County citizens. Monies from the Rhodes trust, supplemented by local fundraising, will help to continue to provide assistance to Bond County cancer patients.

LRCF Board Members

  • Diane Bingham, Treasurer
  • Erin Bradshaw
  • Patti Brooks, Secretary
  • Bart Caldieraro, Chair
  • Jack Chism
  • Kelly Derrick
  • Terry Derrick
  • Dr. Tom Dawdy
  • Karen Kessinger, Patient Liason
  • Jane Wilhite